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Wild West Gazette 
    Dedicated to the Memory
of the people of the old west.  

Pioneer  Museum Issue Sept 2007 Grand Canyon Issue Nov 2007 Tombstone Issue Jan 2008
September 2007  pdf  download 4mg file November 2007  pdf  download 4mg file January 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file
Cave Creek Issue Mar 2008 Payson Issue May 2008

Prescott Issue July 2008

March 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file May 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file July 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file
VerdeValley Issue September 2008 Valley of the Sun Issue November 2008

Southern Arizona  Issue January 2009

September 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file November 2008  pdf  download 3.2mg file January 2009  pdf  download 3.2mg file
Festival of the West Issue March 2009    
March 2009  pdf  download 3.2mg file    


    Wild West Gazette
is designed as a ready reference for interested people to find several categories of material. Frustration of trying to find events from a source, or even a few, is difficult at least. We try to be diligent in providing the most accurate and timely information concerning events; museums; and western style events occurring in the west.

     As Wild West Gazette matures we are adding "Press Releases" concerning activities in the western states. Our interest is specific in promoting "western events" and other "family events" in the same general local.
     The history portion of this paper is designed to entertain and educate anyone interested in the people and places of the "Territorial era" following the Civil War. The general area of study is from Mexico to Canada; and the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. These regions were known as The Dakota Territories, Nebraska Territory, and most important the Arizona Territory; which is the main focus of this paper.
     We are striving to have an interesting, fun, and accurate paper, designed around history and events in the theme of the Old West. Our goal is the take history (Old West); bring the historical facts, along with the fiction of the era, into today’s era. We are including current information (Museums and  current living history stories) New West in each edition. The process of educating the novice and aficionado alike is intended to renew an interest in the lives and legends of the past making Our West.
     Sponsorship of the Spirit of the Old West Alive program will bring us in depth first hand interviews with people who have kept the spirit of the old west alive for all of us to enjoy. Be sure to visit their website to be a part of LeeAnn Sharpe's live interview series at the Bison Western Museum. www.spiritoftheoldwestalive.com
    If you have, or know someone who has, frontier ties,  please contact our editor or myself and we will include your story in future issues of Wild West Gazette.

Flagstaff AZ Post Office circa 1860


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